Welcome to Urise Initiative For Africa

We are visionary young leaders committed to lead social change in Africa. Drive Social Change for disadvantaged young people at the Speed of great Innovation.

Welcome to Urise Initiative For Africa

At URISE Initiative for Africa; we aim at building social economic value among young people in Africa.


Empower youth with transformative and innovative skills that they can use to serve as good ambassadors of Peace.


Create a strong foundation for enduring peace by promoting the respect of human being through interactive and transformative learning experience.


Core Values

Our values stand for what we wish everyone should imitate as to be useful in the process of maintaining the peace that we need to foster among young people by practicing these values: Integrity, Equity, Tolerance, Hope, Humility, Compassion, and Human centeredness.

Who We Are

URISE stands for U: Ubuntu, R: Restore, I: Inspire, S: Solve, E: Encourage. URISE initiative for Africa is a refugee run Community Based Organisation that guides young refugees to find meaning through life skills, social and economic empowerment. We use technology to train young refugees with relevant ICT skills that they can apply in real-life situations to build their social and economic value. We merge the use of technology and peace education to instill the spirit of peace-making to young refugee generation. We believe in the power we have as young refugees to rebuild our broken countries and as well as our refugee communities. URISE Tech training center facilitates creativity, innovation, teamwork, collaboration, and Trust among young refugees whom we believe are in need of life change. We believe that today’s young refugees are to be at the forefront of social and economic change through strengthening mutual cross-cultural understanding and enhancing collaboration among different communities.